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Equipment financing solutions

As a brokerage firm, our job is simple: we offer financing solutions to meet buyers’ needs. We are known for our excellent service, because what matters most to us is customer satisfaction.

We want you to know the power of leasing as a sales tool. At SFL Leasing Group, you will find a team of experienced professionals offering effective, customized solutions. Our mission is to facilitate equipment financing for your customers in order to increase your sales.

We will meet all your customers’ financing needs as quickly as possible, allowing you to make more sales!

Suppliers - Equipment financing solutions

At SFL Leasing Group, our lender network includes a multitude of financial institutions. There is most likely at least one among them that will agree to finance your customers’ equipment purchases.

Communication with the client is the key to our financing success

When you place your customer in our hands, we listen carefully and empathetically in order to define a financing strategy that is appropriate for them. Over the years, we have demonstrated a unique ability to find innovative financing solutions for buyers, time and time again. Our service is personalized and fast, to our clients’ greatest satisfaction!

Simple, effective equipment financing solutions

  • Instalment contract (Standard loan or CVC)
  • Rent to own or lease
  • We take the time to analyze the client's tax structure so that they can take advantage of any tax benefits related to their financing.
  • Realistic down payments: usually 5-10% of the invoice is required. (Subject to change depending on client’s situation.)
  • Fair and reasonable loan maturities: terms can vary from 24 to 84 months. This gives us a lot of leeway so that the client is not stuck with a payment that does not fit with their budget. (Depending on the age of the equipment, the number of hours and/or mileage on the engine as well as the client and/or company’s quality and profitability.)
  • Interest rates are set according to credit quality: every client gets the rate associated with their credit rating, so there is no negotiation – the credit score dictates the rate!

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