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Agricultural equipment purchasing and financing

The agricultural industry: an exciting and profitable sector

The agricultural industry: an exciting and profitable sector

The agriculture sector will always be of utmost importance in our society. After all, the harvesting of our resources is what allows us to feed ourselves and produces many of the things we use on a daily basis. Did you know that more than 40,000 Quebecers work in farming? Or that Quebec is one of the largest producers of agricultural products and food in Canada?

Has your passion for farming led you to make it your profession? Have you started or are you planning to start your own business? Congratulations! To increase efficiency and production and generate higher revenues, you will need to purchase the right farm equipment. However, acquiring the equipment you need will likely require financing as farming equipment is not cheap. Luckily, Affiliated Financial Services is here to help you find the perfect farming equipment for your project and business.

Some interesting statistics on the agricultural industry

Agriculture remains one of the largest economic sectors in Canada today. Workers in the industry export Canadian agricultural products (mainly meat) to different countries around the world each day. One of the main qualities of Canadian agriculture is its diversity. In fact, the country produces a wide variety of products, from cereals to vegetables to dairy products to meats. There are more than 190,000 farms in Canada, generating over $60 billion each year.

Some interesting statistics on the agricultural equipment industry

What is agricultural equipment?

Every farmer knows that working the land, whether to grow food or raise livestock, requires a set of specialized agricultural equipment. This includes all mechanical machines, whether mobile or immobile, used for the production of food or other resources that we need every day. It can be simply equipment, machinery or even vehicles. Today, these tools allow farmers and agricultural workers to increase their productivity by minimizing their labour force and thus harvesting more with less effort.

We all agree that technology and mechanization are now an integral part of our society: regardless of the sector, they make daily life easier. This is also true for agriculture. In the past, a farmer’s job required a lot of physical ability and manual labour. While this is still the case, mechanization has changed the way we farm and grow. In fact, mechanized agricultural equipment greatly simplifies farming activities. Mechanization was able to transform plowing, seed and harvesting techniques, but was also able to make new operations that were previously impossible possible.

Agricultural equipment financing and purchasing

Does your business involve working the land, crop production or farming? If so, you know that agricultural mechanization is an integral part of today’s agricultural industry. As such, you will need farm equipment for your daily operations. Various tools and machinery will help you produce more. Yet, agricultural equipment financing and purchasing can seem confusing and headache inducing. Fortunately, with Affiliated Financial Services, you will be able to get everything you need to grow your business.

If you currently need farm equipment, that’s good news! It means that your business is growing. Or that you need additional equipment and materials to meet the demand of your industry. Or simply that your harvest season is approaching and a lot of work lies ahead.

Investing in the right farm equipment is crucial to completing your work. This is where agricultural equipment financing comes in. In fact, using new tools in your workplace will reduce your production costs, which in the long run will benefit your business and its growth. A good way to be approved for agricultural equipment financing is to make sure you have healthy financial habits. If you are able to predict your income and if it is higher than the reimbursement of the equipment financed, then financing should not be a problem.

Whether you need professional help with the purchase of heavy machinery or any other equipment for the agricultural sector, you can count on Affiliated Financial Services. Our specialists have more than 45 years of experience in agricultural equipment financing throughout the province of Quebec. Our mission has always been to find and negotiate the best financing conditions for agricultural equipment, which meet your needs and within the shortest timeframe. Contact us today to find out more about agricultural equipment financing.

The services you are looking for

Our trusted brokers will assist you from start to finish with the financing of trucks and other farm equipment. Affiliated Financial Services provides various financing options, such as leasing, to enable your business to develop fully and successfully.

Moreover, leasing allows you to purchase agricultural equipment while enjoying certain tax benefits. In addition, the agricultural equipment financing process is simple, and you will not have to pay sales tax when you buy your farm equipment. Whether you have a start-up, a fast-growing business or are restructuring, leasing could be the ideal solution for financing your farm equipment.

Whatever your situation, Affiliated Financial Services will guide you through the process and find the best way to get what you need to grow your business. Our experienced and trusted brokers work hard to ensure an out-of-the-ordinary, hassle-free experience and get you the farm equipment you need. Apply for farm equipment financing now in just three easy steps!

Identify your farm equipment needs

Do you believe that additional farm equipment could be beneficial for you and your business, but are not sure where to start? What farm equipment would maximize your production and at the same time reduce your costs? It is important to take the time to analyze your situation and clearly identify your farm equipment needs.

First, determine which tool would allow you to increase your earnings. There is a wide variety of farm equipment on the market. Many of the machines or tools available would make your daily work easier. On the other hand, an analysis of your current equipment will help you figure out which tool or machine you need most. In addition, it is important to be realistic and choose farm equipment that reflects your situation. For example, a high-performance tool may not be necessary right away if your farmland is small. Contrarily, a lower-performance machine will probably not be up to par if you have a lot of land.

Subsequently, do not forget to consider the equipment you are currently using. It must be compatible with new farming equipment so that you do not end up with unpleasant surprises, such as an over-consumption of energy. Finally, you will need to set a budget. It is important to remember that the return on investment for farm equipment can take longer than with other equipment purchases.

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Identifiez vos besoins en matière d’équipement agricole

Agricultural equipment: a system of tools to increase production

There are many agricultural tools and machines on the market that could help you grow your business. Discover the wide range of agricultural equipment that could revolutionize the way you work, optimize your production costs and reduce your need for labour.

Fodder presses
Fodder presses are an essential part of any farmer’s agricultural equipment. They allow workers to reduce the size of the hay or the straw collected, to transport or store it, and thus maximize the use of space. Also called a baler or hay press, this tool will save you time and energy.

Harvesting equipment
There is a lot of harvesting equipment that could be useful in your farm work, such as the versatile combine harvester, which is used to efficiently harvest various grains and vegetables. This farming equipment performs a variety of tasks, such as cutting, threshing the crop, separating straw and grain, and cleaning and storing grain.

Plows are mainly used for tillage. This crucial piece of agricultural equipment is used to prepare the land for planting. Farmers must open the land to a certain depth, return it and sow it.

Steel structures
Having steel structures in your farm equipment arsenal can be very beneficial for your business. In fact, this metal alloy hardly burns. In addition, steel structures are simple and fast to install. And steel allows you to build much larger structures than wood, for example. If you want to expand your farmland, this is a practical solution!

Grain cells
Purchasing grain storage bins to complement your farm equipment is a smart move. It will reduce storage costs and you will be much more independent in your production. It’s also a simple way to optimize the logistics of your land at harvest time.

Watering machines
Have you heard of “irrigation systems”? An irrigation system supplies agricultural land with water when rain is insufficient. This is the perfect agricultural equipment to have at the ready, especially during a particularly dry season or for crops that require a lot of water, such as corn. These machines mean you can properly manage the watering of your crops for optimal growth and yield.

Seeding equipment
Your farm equipment will not be complete without a variety of planting tools. For a successful harvest, year after year, make sure you have the seeding equipment you need for the job.

The most common and popular farm equipment, a tractor is used primarily to pull other agricultural machinery, like a plow. This super versatile vehicle is also used in a range of industries other than agriculture, such as snow blowing, for example. There are three different types of tractors: wheeled, utility or tracked.

Grain handling equipment
Grain handling in itself requires a certain amount of physical power. With various machines for this purpose, your job becomes much easier with the right equipment.

Livestock equipment
In the agricultural industry, livestock equipment is a must for meat and dairy producers. The quality of your breeding will be directly linked to it. This is one piece of farm equipment that should not be taken for granted.

Sprayers are a part of the farm equipment that allows workers to spray crops or fields with various powder or liquid products. Extremely useful and crucial to protecting land and crops, sprayers are used to spread fertilizer. They are also used to spray pesticides to fight off harmful infestations from insects and other pests, allowing you to harvest superior quality products and optimize your yield.

From region to region, we are here to help you

At Affiliated Financial Services, we are proud to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes located throughout the province of Quebec. From Saguenay to Gatineau to Trois-Rivières to Sherbrooke and beyond, our team of brokerage and agricultural equipment financing specialists can lend a helping hand regardless of where you are in the province. Over the years, we have contributed to the success of companies in Montréal, Gaspésie and across the entire province.

For customized financing solutions for trucks and farm equipment, you can count on Affiliated Financial Services. Our years of brokerage experience and our flexible and professional services will help your farm and business stand out from the competition. Affiliated Financial Services is composed of an experienced and attentive staff. We are well versed with each financial institution’s approval criteria and the multitude of financing products they offer. We are able to analyze and find the solution that perfectly meets your needs as well as your financial situation. Our mission is to help you find the best way to optimize your work and increase your agricultural production.

Our priority is that you come out ahead of your farm equipment financing. Contributing to the success of your projects is important to us, and we know how important your farm is to your livelihood.

Apply for your agricultural equipment financing today. For any question about our services or to tell us about your needs, fill out the information request form below and talk to our specialized team.

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