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Leblanc Financial Services is an equipment financing brokerage firm with a multitude of lenders specializing in your field. Our team has over 45 years of cumulative experience, and our mission is to find the best financing for our customers as quickly as possible. This is what makes us “the reference in equipment financing” in Canada.

Whether you are starting or currently managing a business, big or small, we can help you finance the equipment you need—regardless of any past credit problems you may have had. Our role is to find and negotiate the best financing conditions available on the market, in accordance with your needs.

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We are passionate about financing. Our mission is simple: to help business to grow by offering them our experience and expertise with our Lenders Network.

This is what makes us “The reference in equipment financing".


Your equipment financing solutions with the advices of Leblanc Financial Services.



This financing option is simple and quick to approve.

Refinancing equipment

Refinancing equipment

This option is used to get cash flow for new projects.



This financing solution is ideal for start-up companies.


Reach for the top. Access the equipment you need thanks to our financing solutions.


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Insurance products

We also offer various affordable insurance products. These serve to protect your investment in case of serious illness, disability or death.

Leblanc Financial Services will listen to your needs. When it comes to commercial financing, we offer a simple, flexible, speedy and efficient approach. We have a sound understanding of entrepreneurs’ needs.