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Finance your equipment with leasing

What is leasing?

Have you ever heard of this term? Leasing is a very popular method for companies to finance the purchase of various equipment. It allows the contractor to purchase and use selected equipment for a specified period of time in exchange for pre-arranged payments. If needed, the contractor can also have the opportunity to purchase the equipment, return it or benefit from new equipment financing.
Qu'est-ce que le crédit-bail

Leasing of equipment is used only for business purposes

Since 1994, this method of financing has been regulated by the Civil Code of Québec, and allows all types of businesses to equip themselves with a variety of equipment and machinery. Some of these companies would otherwise not be able to afford these materials or movable property. It is therefore a profitable way for growing companies to finance the equipment they need to grow further and prosper.

Leasing to increase the growth of your business

The beauty of leasing is that it is suitable for all types of businesses and provides companies with the possibility to purchase a huge variety of equipment. Whether for agricultural, forestry, transportation, computer or even for medical and dental equipment, Affiliated Financial Services provides the opportunity to finance your equipment needs through leasing, and, as such, puts the odds in your favour to increase your business’s growth! We know how difficult it can be to get the desired financing, especially for start-up businesses or to break into a new, potentially profitable market, which is not yet a proven money maker.
Crédit-Bail - Financement d'équipement

Eligible equipment for leasing

Consult our Industrial and Commercial Equipment Financing page now to discover all the financing opportunities available to local businesses. This section will also give you ideas on equipment you might need to get depending on your industry.

Key benefits of leasing

  • Quick, simple approval;
  • Protects working capital;
  • Borrowing capacity preserved with banks;
  • Monthly lease payments are tax deductible (tax expenditures);
  • No sales taxes apply when acquiring the equipment.
Principaux avantages du crédit-bail

How to know if leasing is the solution for your business?

As an entrepreneur or manager of a business, it is perfectly normal to want the best for your company. So many choices are available on the market to get the equipment you need to increase growth and profitability. Is leasing really the ideal solution for your business?

A specialist at Affiliated Financial Services will be able to establish the best plan for financing your work equipment that is adapted to your situation. If it is not leasing, we can guide you in the best decision and the steps to take to complete your equipment financing project.

As leasing experts in Canada, we work closely with our suppliers to provide the best financing solutions and rates tailored to your needs.

Leasing is a simple and quick financing solution

Leasing is a quick and easy financing solution that is accessible to all self-employed individuals and businesses. To know more, do not hesitate to contact us now. Without knowing it, leasing could be the solution you’ve been looking for for a long time. Our specialized team will be able to answer all your questions and assist you in your equipment financing.

Five Easy Steps to Finance Your Equipment

With Affiliated Financial Services, financing your dream business equipment has never been easier

Follow the five steps below to get lightning fast lease financing approval.

  1. Fill out our online credit application.
  2. Choose the equipment that will allow you to grow your business and the name of the supplier. For ideas of equipment that can be financed, consult our Financing industrial and commercial equipment section.
  3. Our team will process your application and send you an answer within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. Affiliated Financial Services will guide you in signing the contract for your equipment lease financing.
  5. Hurray! Your equipment is ready to be delivered.

What are the types of leasing?

With equipment financing at Affiliated Financial Services, you can benefit from financing adapted to your budget as well as your daily reality. You will be able to benefit from flexible payments and professional service with our team of experts.

At the end of your contract, different purchase options will be available to you, including:
  • The $10 call option
  • The 10% to 40% purchase option
  • Equipment market value
  • Return the equipment to the supplier
No matter what your situation, we will be there to support you and choose the best solution for the sustainability and productivity of your company.
Services Financiers Leblanc : Experts en financement d'équipement

Affiliated Financial Services: The experts for your equipment financing

Through the years, Affiliated Financial Services has become the benchmark for financing your business equipment across Canada. With a true passion for financing, our team will guide you and find the answer to your needs in terms of financing equipment of all kinds.

We work with brokers

They are well versed with each financial institution’s approval criteria so that you can direct your application to the right place. This is a quick and easy solution to save you time and money.

Financing options across Canada

Our great flexibility gives us greater financing power and a multitude of options, all available in one place. Over the years, we have contributed to the success of businesses in Montréal, Gaspésie and throughout Canada.

An experienced and caring team

Our years of brokerage experience and our flexible and professional services will help your company stand out from the competition. Affiliated Financial Services is composed of an experienced and attentive staff. Our priority is and will always be that you are the winner of your equipment financing.

The success of your projects is important to us!

Contributing to the success of your projects is important to us, and we know how important your company is to your life. We are here to help you grow it day by day, and our lease financing services can help you: with simple and quick approval, it has never been easier to get your dream equipment.

Discover our corporate culture with our four basic rules

At Affiliated Financial Services, our mission is simple: to grow businesses by offering them our experience and expertise with our network of lenders. In addition, these four rules are essential, and we comply with them every day:

  • Total integrity: we believe that to provide exceptional leasing services to our clients, honesty is essential. You can count on our exemplary professionalism.
  • A positive attitude: we think it is very important to always see things realistically, but always with a positive outlook for every situation. Our team works daily to find the ideal solutions for our companies.
  • The clients’ interests take precedence: our priority remains your satisfaction with our work equipment financing services. The pride felt when our clients get what they need is unparalleled and that’s why we continue to help all kinds of businesses grow every day.
  • We accept nothing less than excellence: our team works hard to find the best plan for your business and implement it. Whether by leasing, factoring or refinancing equipment, our experts in the field guarantee a high-quality service.

Our reputation is second to none. Do you believe leasing is what you need to finance new equipment for your business? Contact us immediately or fill out our credit application.

For gym equipment, office equipment, industrial equipment of all kinds and more, apply for funding in just 30 seconds!

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