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Refinancing equipment

What is refinancing equipment?

Refinancing equipment is not only aimed for businesses facing financial difficulties. We can also use this solution to get cash flow in order to carry out new projects.

You can refinance your equipment in order to get the necessary cash flow in order to face sales fluctuation, to market a new product or to invest in a new project, or even to get the down payment you need in order to purchase new equipment.

You can also refinance your debts in order to get more advantageous amortization periods that will enable you to increase investment in your business.

Refinancement d'équipement

Advantages of refinancing your assets are:

  1. Refinancing equipment can allow you to strengthen your working capital or even pay your debts. Some seasonal businesses can refinance their assets to reinforce their operating funds;
  2. Fast-growing businesses may need liquidity in order to acquire inventory;
  3. Company takeover: shareholders may refinance equipment in order to redeem another shareholder’s units.
Refinancement d'équipement

Arrive well prepared

When you are looking for refinancing, you must make sure that your business isn’t at risk and that your business plan is well detailed.

If your business is experiencing temporary difficulties, we can help you get back on track.

Bring us your files, clear, thorough and well-presented and, of course, your balance sheets! In this way, you will demonstrate the seriousness of your approach and will speed up the process of your finance-leasing application. If needed, you may deal with an accountant!

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