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Equipment refinancing

What is equipment refinancing?

Equipment refinancing is not just a solution for businesses facing financial difficulties. We can also use it to obtain cash for new projects.

You can refinance your equipment to get cash for a fluctuation in sales, to market a new product or to invest in a new project, or for a down payment on new equipment.

You can also refinance your debt to get more beneficial amortization periods that will allow you to invest more in your business.

The benefits of refinancing your assets are:

  1. Equipment refinancing can help you build working capital or pay off debt. Some seasonal businesses may refinance their assets to strengthen their working capital;
  2. A fast growing business may need cash to purchase inventory;
  3. Business buyouts, shareholders can refinance equipment to buy out the other shareholder.
Refinancement d'équipement

Come well prepared

When you’re looking for refinancing, you need to be sure that your business is risk-free and that your business plan is detailed.

If your business is in temporary difficulty, we can help you get back on your feet.

Bring us your clear, complete, well-presented documents and, of course, your up-to-date balance sheets! This will show how serious you are as well as speed up your leasing application processing. If necessary, call in an accountant!

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