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Handling equipment purchasing and financing

Obtain handling equipment with customized financing solutions

Obtain handling equipment with customized financing solutions

Does your business require financing for material handling equipment (forklifts, hoppers, containers, conveyors, storage shelves and so forth)? Then you’ve come to the right place. Affiliated Financial Services is the gold standard for equipment financing solutions in Canada. Keep reading to find out how our brokers can help your business flourish.

Obtain a flexible rental agreement

When procuring handling equipment, you have a number of financing options. Before deciding anything, you should determine how long you’ll need the equipment for. You’ll then have a better grasp on what kind of renting arrangement will best suit you, in particular whether or not you want to rent with the option of eventually buying.

Take advantage of our expert advise to make the best decisions for your business. Our team is skilled at finding the optimum products and deals for your company.

Get the best price

At Affiliated Financial Services, we give you the option of financing your equipment through leasing. This quick and easy form of financing allows you to pay the rate that most closely corresponds to your needs and receive immediate approval. Leasing is accessible to all and it allows you to enter into equipment rental agreements ranging between 12 and 84 months. Your interest rate corresponds directly to your credit rating, and your borrowing power vis-à-vis your bank is unaffected. Whatever your financial situation, the price for your financing and equipment rental will reflect the budget you’ve settled on.

Get the best financing solutions with Affiliated Financial Services

To grow your business, take advantage of the experience and expertise of our brokers. We provide you a fully personalized service so as to meet your individual needs. We’re available to finance a large range of projects. For instance, we can help you rent or buy excavation equipment or handling equipment. Our financial solutions and our expert advice will provide all the liquidity you need to get your business started, replace broken equipment or take off in a new direction.

Trust Affiliated Financial Services to provide you superior financing solutions—in Gatineau, Quebec City, Montreal, Sherbrooke and across Canada. Reach out to us today to obtain the handling equipment your business requires.

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