• The reference in equipment financing in Canada

A business founded by a father-son team

SFL Leasing Group, a family affair

SFL Leasing Group is an equipment finance brokerage firm started by René Leblanc and Tommy Leblanc.

A young entrepreneur at heart, Tommy Leblanc is a visionary passionate about the finance world. He loves to train and motivate teams to surpass themselves professionally. In 2007, at 24 years old, he managed to create a telecommunications distribution network with several thousand partners spanning across 3 continents.

After a successful 35-year career in finance at BMO, René Leblanc decided to put forth his experience and expertise and join forces with his son. In 2011, Tommy and René Leblanc started SFL Leasing Group.

Their company culture is based on 4 fundamental rules:

  • Unquestionable integrity
  • A positive attitude
  • Client’s interests come first
  • Nothing short of excellence is accepted

Our mission

We are passionate about financing. Our mission is simple: to help business to grow by offering them our experience and expertise with our Lenders Network.

This is what makes us “The reference in equipment financing".


Do you have questions?

Take a moment to read our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact SFL Leasing Group during business hours to speak to a member of our team!

Do you have questions?

    Frequently asked questions

    Who pays the taxes related to my purchase?

    You don’t have to pay taxes on your purchase. The taxes are added to your monthly payment.

    How much is the purchase option?

    Purchase options vary according to the credit and age of the equipment, which can vary from $10 to 40% of the equipment.

    Who owns the equipment?

    The equipment belongs to the creditor throughout your lease.

    Can I sell my equipment?

    You can sell the equipment once you have taken your contract’s purchase option.

    Can I open a leasing contract and make additional payments to decrease my loan amount faster?

    No, it is not possible to make additional payments to decrease your lease. You can only open a contract and pay the total amount of the loan (capital and interests).