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Affiliated Financial Services is an award-winning leasing company committed to providing the best possible solutions to businesses across the country. Since 1991, we have financed many types of equipment for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Over the years, we have worked very hard to solidify our reputation by ensuring complete customer satisfaction. With this expertise, our equipment rental process is now as simple as it is efficient.

Their strong corporate culture is based on 4 fundamental rules:

  • Utmost integrity
  • A positive attitude
  • Customer’s interests come first
  • Nothing less than excellence is accepted

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We are passionate about financing. Our mission is simple: to help businesses grow by offering our experience and expertise with our network of lenders.

This is what makes us “The reference in equipment financing!"

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Check out our frequently asked questions. Remember that you can contact us during business hours to speak with a member of our team!

Any questions?

    Frequently asked questions

    Who pays the taxes on my purchase?

    You do not have to pay taxes when you buy. Taxes are applied to your monthly rent.

    How much is the purchase option?

    Purchase options vary depending on the credit and age of the equipment which can range from $10 to 40% of the equipment.

    Who owns the equipment?

    The equipment belongs to the creditor throughout your lease.

    Can I sell my equipment?

    You can sell the equipment after exercising your option to surrender the contract.

    Can I open my lease and make additional payments to lower my loan quicker?

    No, you cannot make additional payments to lower your loan. You can only open your lease and pay the full amount of the loan (principal and interest).