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Practical financing solutions for 5 essential pieces of IT equipment

Are you starting your own business? Do you have to quickly replace a piece of office equipment that’s gone bust? Maybe you want to invest in the latest IT solutions to access new markets or increase productivity? At Leblanc Financial Services, we offer practical financing solutions to help business owners purchase a wide range of equipment. Continue reading to find out more.

What pieces of IT equipment can be financed? 

Whatever your business needs may be in terms of IT solutions, we can help you acquire what you need in no time. For example, we can help finance the following five essential pieces of equipment:

1. Office automation equipment, including laptops and desktops, screens, printers, backup tools and scanners
2. Software for image processing, delivery management and web analysis
3. Servers like database, messaging and print servers
4. Surveillance equipment like cameras, security systems, alarms, fire detection and access control systems
5. Telephone infrastructure such as landlines or smartphones

What types of financing solutions are available?
At Leblanc Financial Services, we offer clients all over Québec, including Gatineau, Montréal and Sherbrooke, as well as the rest of Canada, two practical financing solutions:

1. Leasing: we buy the material you need and rent it with or without option to purchase, allowing you to protect your working capital and preserve your borrowing capacity with other financial institutions. Furthermore, monthly rental costs are tax-deductible, and you won’t have to pay the sales tax if you decide to buy the equipment once the contract ends.

2. Factoring: we convert your receivables to cash and therefore provide you with more liquid assets. By choosing to factor your account receivables, you not only free yourself from tedious administrative claims, but you also get a team of specialists to help you manage your client accounts.

In need of financing? Choose Leblanc Financial Services
At Leblanc Financial Services—Canada’s expert in equipment financing for more than 45 years—we allow local businesses, from Gatineau to Québec, Montréal, Sherbrooke and across Canada, to acquire the tools or liquidity they need to prosper. Contact us today to take advantage of our quality services.

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