Leasing: A Simple Solution for Financing Your Restaurant Equipment

To remain at the forefront of the restaurant industry, you need to keep your kitchen equipment up to date and acquire products that meet your changing needs, which can represent a considerable sum of money. At Leblanc Financial Services, we understand that purchasing equipment is important for the longevity of your establishment. If you lack the funds to do this, we have the perfect financing solution for your restaurant equipment— leasing.

What are the advantages to leasing?
Leasing is a restaurant owner’s best option for equipment financing. Here are its principal advantages:

  • You simply fill out a loan application form on our website and receive your approval for equipment financing within 24 hours 
  • You choose the equipment and the supplier yourself
  • You don’t have to pay sales tax (since you’re renting the equipment)
  • You can deduct all your payments for tax purposes
  • You can adapt the frequency of your payments to your cash flow
  • You preserve your working capital, line of credit and borrowing capacity
  • You can replace obsolete equipment at the end of the lease and easily obtain a new agreement

At Leblanc Financial Services, our brokers can make things easier for you by recommending the best equipment suppliers, such as Maison Rondeau. We serve Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Gatineau and other locations across Canada, so if you need funds to purchase professional equipment right away, don’t wait to talk with us. We have the perfect financing solution for you!

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