Why using a brokerage for equipment financing is beneficial for new businesses

Every business starts with a great idea, but this alone isn’t a sure sign of success. In order to make your idea come to life, you’ll also need a solid business plan and the right equipment to run your daily operations. At Leblanc Financial Services, we help broker equipment financing for those interested in leasing transport, agricultural, forestry and other kinds of equipment to transform their big idea into a stable commercial operation. We’re a family business ourselves and have forty-five years of experience providing our services in Ontario, Quebec and the rest of Canada. Here are just a few reasons you should consider equipment financing when starting your business and why you should use a brokerage to do so.

• Young businesses need to be flexible. Leasing equipment makes a lot of sense—particularly for new businesses. Because your profits aren’t yet what they’re going to be in the future, you need the flexibility to get the equipment you need for the job without worrying that it will disastrously interrupt your company’s cash flow.

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